Australia is an extremely popular destination for highly skilled young people
wishing to start a new life in another country. Read More ...
With Australia's spacious surroundings, high standard of living and excellent health
and education systems, Australia attracts visitors and migrants from all over the world.
Australian citizenship symbolises our unity as a nation. It represents a commitment
to Australia and its people, the values we share and our common future.
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These are for migrants who have skills or outstanding abilities that will contribute to the Australian economy. It aims to meet Australia's skills shortages and gives successful applicants permanent residence. This visa is appropriate for those who hold a university qualification or trade qualification. Assessment Form
Family visas are available for eligible family members of Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents. There are a number of visas available including spouse, prospective marriage, interdependent partner, parent and child visas. The choice of visa in the family visa stream can be confusing and onerous. Undertaking the process can be an emotional roller coaster. We can assist you to choose the right type of visa, properly determine your eligibility and the likelihood of success prior to you undertaking the process. Assessment Form
Student visas are meant for people wishing to study in Australia. Australian universities are widely known for the quality of their teaching and research. Australia’s approach to vocational education and training leads the world in innovation and quality. You’ll have the opportunity to step outside the classroom and practice your skills in real and simulated workplaces. Assessment Form
Australia Business Skills Visa class encourages successful business owners, senior executives and investors to settle permanently in Australia and develop new or existing businesses. Business owners, senior executives and investors can apply for a visa under the Business Skills category . Assessment Form
The Australia Visitor Visa Program enables people to come to Australia for a short period of time (up to 12 months) for a holiday or to visit family friend. Assessment Form
The Working Holiday Visa gives young people the opportunity to travel around Australia over a 12 month period, with the option of part-time or casual employment.
Working Holiday (Subclass 417 / 462) Visa - is for young people wanting to spend 12 months travelling around Australia, with the option of part-time or casual employment. Assessment Form
We live in a much "smaller" world these days. Many Australians will meet and form long term relationships with people from other countries. But never assume automatic entitlement to bring a partner here. Partners of an Australian Citizen or Australian Permanent Resident, including a spouse, a fiance', a de facto and an interdependent (same sex) partner must apply for a visa to be allowed to enter and to live in Australia. To qualify for partner migration to Australia, it requires evidence of a genuine and committed relationship, and this evidence must be shown in detail to establish the validity of your relationship and your application. We assist you in the gathering of this information by providing detailed checklists and forms, and plenty of practical advice. Assessment Form
Employer sponsored visas are ideal for businesses who need to fill a skill shortage which cannot be filled locally. Employer sponsored visas are also ideal for Australian or overseas businesses wanting to set up operations in Australia wanting to recruit overseas skilled workers on a permanent or temporary basis to fill in skill shortages. Assessment Form
Each year, thousands of people escaping persecution around the world come to Australia as refugees. Thousands of others who are already in the country seek Australia’s protection on humanitarian grounds. Legal refugees may be granted a Permanent Protection Visa if they meet Australia’s health, character and security requirements. Assessment Form
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